4 Tips for Embracing Failure if You Want to Succeed Mental Revolution

4 Tips for Embracing Failure if You Want to Succeed

Can You Really Embrace Failure if You Want to Succeed?

I can only guess that some of you out there are thinking… you are not going to convince me that embracing failure is a steppingstone to success. Failure is just failure, right? WRONG!!! We often make one excuse after another as to why life is not great for us and never will be. All these things may feel like reality, but they are just the reality we are choosing to embrace in this moment.

To stop failure make No Excuses only results

Here are a few that I am sure you have either heard or maybe even said yourself… “Well those rich and famous people started such a long time ago and it was probably easier back then…” or “They probably knew people (or were born rich) and I am neither rich nor could I ever meet anyone today that would help me out” or “I have this or that problem so I can’t just drop everything and pursue my life dream” and one of the most common “ I have tried everything and nothing has worked so I have to give up and realize that I am not meant to have ______”.

We hear it all the time, someone famous or successful tells us their back story and it has adversity and trials and yet here they stand, a success in their chosen field, having triumphed despite the odds. They were persistent and persevered even with all the rejections and failures, but somehow, we have a tough time taking the lesson to heart. Most people see failure as a reason to quit and not as a steppingstone towards success. If it does not work the first time, we want to say…Well I tried, and it failed so I should just quit while I am still ahead.

Do You Know What You Really Want?

Let us just get real for one moment, if you have a dream then take quit out of your vocabulary right now!! Yes you may fail, heck you may fail many times, but the only REAL failure is the day you choose to quit. Every failure is an opportunity to gain experience and find a new way to do things. Keep going back to the drawing board, rewrite the path you take as many times as you need to, just do not ever give up on the destination!

woman contemplating what she wants looking defeated after failing at something

Half the time we give up because the thing we are pursuing is not something we are passionate about but more likely something we are chasing for the money or fame. The things we fight for are our true passion and purpose in life. If you are not enthusiastic about it or it is not your life purpose, then let it go and put that energy to the things that mean the most. Do not waste time trying to cash in on the next fad, or following someone else’s dream because that energy should be put towards what you really want in life and then never, ever give up on that thing.

What Can You Learn from Failure If You Want to Succeed?

So let me throw this little nugget at you…failure is a good thing. Okay wait I know some of you are now saying she has completely lost her mind!! But before you go anywhere, hear me out. Every single failure on your journey to success teaches you two things, one is what you should not do, and the other is that you are one step closer because that is one thing you do not have to do again. You seriously have to say to yourself “OK, so that didn’t work, what other way can I try?” The point is that you will either focus on the problem or failure or you will look towards a solution to what you just learned.

Life is like a giant lab, where somethings may just blow up and others produce great outcomes. Just be sure to keep track of what has not worked and do not repeat those things, find a new way. There is always more than one way to do something, find the way that works for you, and then rinse, lather & repeat!

Having Patience Especially After Failure

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You’ve heard the expression, timing is everything? Well sometimes it is not always what we are doing that is the “problem” it is when we are choosing to do it that is sometimes off…. We may think we are spinning our wheels and that nothing is happening and then one day almost unexpectedly…VOILÀ!!! things start to take off and everyone around you may be saying “OH wow!! You are so lucky!! Things happens so easily for you!!” But you and I know the truth, you have paved the way for this, and it has taken a lot of blood sweat and tears (A lot of tears!!).

We unfortunately live in an age where instant gratification is the standard for most things, and when it requires patience and a less than instant method many people get impatient and give up. Be patient with yourself and the learning process and realize that everything does not have to happen overnight.

Be Teachable & Creative If You want To Succeed

Learning never stops and the more open you are to the idea that there may be a lot that you can still learn even when you think you have “mastered” something, the better and higher levels of success you will achieve. Some of the most successful people in every field take time every day if not every week to expand on their knowledge, they read or listen to books and have coaches and mentors that they are constantly gaining knowledge from.

Being teachable and willing to learn is going to be one of your strongest assets. If there are people who have gone through this process before then ask them how they did it and why they think they eventually got it right. If you cannot find “real life” mentors or coaches, follow them on social media, find their YouTube channels and subscribe, and if they have a book buy it or borrow it from the library or from a virtual library.

never failure always lessons

The Final Takeaway On Failure And Success

There are so many ways to get help from someone who has been there and done that. Do not limit yourself to those in your immediate surroundings, because sometimes their own limitations will influence how encouraging they will be. With the internet you can have a virtual mentor that you can take notes of the lessons from and ask them to repeat it as many times as you need (press rewind 😉) and they do not get irritated. They learned along the way and you can learn from them to avoid making the same mistakes.

You don’t have to do it alone and mentorship is one of the best success principles even if all you can access is virtual mentorship and coaching. Many so called “failures” have gone on to achieve remarkable things with their lives because they didn’t give up; they showed patience, persistence and took the time to learn from others. If you have something you really want to achieve, follow these tips and see failure as a steppingstone to greater things.