About Me Mental Revolution

Hello all! It is such an amazing feeling when you are able to do something you love without fear of failing… I wanted to take a moment and give you a bit of insights as to who, what and why I am.

I am everything that you are and every experience that you have had or will have. I am life without filter, love that knows pain, sadness that knows joy, and everything in between. I have loved, lost, loved again and lost again; whether those loves and losses were physical, material or mental the pain was seemly the same. Above all of that, I strive to be pure at heart, authentic, transparent and to hold a zest for living that grows daily. I have not always had that mentality at all, truth be told I had a few scary moments, days, months and years where I wanted to call it quits (literally). Somehow I found myself still waking up every day and even though the days were treacherous and filled with what I deemed to be torment on earth, I am still here.

I am a ___ yr young (why put the age if it changes every year?:)) single mom and yes, I must say single mom because the struggle of being a mother trying to break cycles and create a legacy is ridiculously hard, especially when you are doing it on your own. So yes I truly do have to own this single mother journey. I am an aspiring writer (author), transformation/transition coach, youth mentor, mental health advocate, newbie to the world of blogging, loyal to the concept of inspiration, equality, and inclusiveness. I am currently working on a podcast with another vibrant young lady and will have an official nonprofit (for military members, veterans are their family member) here shortly! My success is measured by the number of lives changed for the better not by how much my life has changed and continues to change. Mental health is so important to me for many different reasons to include my own struggles. While I do not think that it is something that just goes away, I do believe that we can shift where the power resides (I will never say that it is just changing your mindset, it is so much more than just that ). I took my power back so that my mental health struggles with me, I do not struggle with it, we have days where we can coexist and days where we cannot. I would like to believe that I am winning (hence the name mental rebel)… I am driven to inspire others to win as well. Happy reading

Yours in Love and Growth

About Me Mental Revolution

Mental Rebel (Chyanne)