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When you hear or read the word revolution what runs through your mind?  Do you instantly recall your elementary or middle school days where you learned of the revolutionary war? Or maybe you start to recall some of the names you have heard mentioned as revolutionaries or associated with the term revolution usually inspiring or bringing about change.  Wherever your mind drifted off to or whatever context you envisioned the word being used, the meaning is still the same.  In either of the aforementioned situations, the desired outcome of the revolution was the same as movement towards change. Whether that change was actualized or not the revolution was the driver for the change to occur.  

Mental revolution is no different from any physical or tangible revolution, it too is the progressive motion or movement towards change.  Mental Revolution can be defined as the intentional and purposeful shifting of your mind (mindset), the strengthening of your mental status and finally your ability to tap into resources that you possess (harness your internal gifts) but may not be are aware of ( your internal reserve). Webster’s™ dictionary offers the perfect definition for revolution as I see, understand and relate it to mental revolution. That definition states that revolution is a fundamental change in the way of thinking about or visualizing something: a change of paradigm.   This is what mental revolution is about! Togetherness and relatability is what makes it endurable.

Yours in Love and Growth,

Mental Rebel

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